2nd Knowledge Exchange Workshop

This International Workshop on the Validation of Computational Mechanics Models was the second after Shanghai 2011. The workshop was held at the British Museum in London on November 5th, 2013 and was hosted by the VANESSA project. Keynote speakers were Erwin Hack (Empa, CH), Charlotte Werndl (London School of Economics, UK) and Althea de Souza (Tridiagonal Solutions, UK). Other speakers and panellists included representatives from the aerospace and nuclear industry.

TOPIC ONE: Solid mechanics model validation

Chair: Eann Patterson (University of Liverpool)

Keynote: Quantifying model quality using measured strain fields
                 Erwin Hack (EMPA, Switzerland)

Application of 3D DIC for calibration of FEM model of graded metal plate arches

                Krzysztof Malowany  (Warsaw University of Technology)

Uncertainty quantification and robust design optimisation
                Sönke Klostermann (EADS Innovation Works)

TOPIC TWO: Acceptable evidence for engineering decisions

Chair: Erwin Hack (EMPA)

Keynote: What constitutes evidence and its role in calibration & confirmation
                 Charlotte Werndl (London School of Economics, UK)

A PCA decomposition based validation metric for use with fullfield measurement
                 Randall Allemang (University of Cincinnati)
Accommodating the Effect of Sparse Data Input in Engineering Modelling Applications
                 Steve Graham (National Nuclear Laboratory)

TOPIC THREE: Fluids mechanics model validation

Chair: George Lampeas (University of Patras)

Keynote: Validation Challenges in Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics
                 Althea de Souza (Tridiagonal Solutions Ltd, UK)

Quantifying turbulence-model inadequacy with Bayesian-Model Averaging

                 Richard Dwight (TU Delft)

Validation of a rheological model for non-Newtonian fluid flow
                 René Widmer (ETH Zurich)