DIC Calibration Methods

Methods for calibrating DIC instruments in an industrial environment are being assessed.
DIC Measurement uncertainty
Deviation of measured and simulated displacement field of a cantilever beam vibrating in its fundamental mode (see the VANESSA Calibration-ILS Report )

We evaluate state-of-the-art in quantification of measurement uncertainties in digital image correlation and assess potential candidate techniques for evaluating measurement uncertainties during 1:1 aircraft scale optical strain and displacement measurements.

We then develop a specific method for quantification of measurement uncertainty in experiments performed in industrial situations that both can be performed at the time of the test and quantify measurement uncertainty in the whole measurement volume in a manner that is relevant to the validation of predictive numerical models. It will be necessary to classify error sources, including those associated with the DIC set-up, algorithm and environmental conditions, and to understand the changes that occur in these sources so that errors and uncertainty can be effectively minimised .

This latter step significantly improves the quality of laboratory-based DIC measurements. Consideration will be given to recently developed point-to-point approaches to evaluate DIC measurements and their potential as part of an integrated approach.