Public Datasets

The validation of numerical engineering models using optical full-field measurements is based on result map comparison using image decomposition methods.
Download datasets and the protocol below which contain three test cases. Note that these materials are provided as is.
Validation Test Protocol

Three test cases are available:

  1. Antenna reflector, provided by HPS GmbH. Data sets from experiments and simulations performed by the company are available, providing real data from an industrial study.
  2. A wedge-shaped indenter in contact with a rectangular rubber block. This problem becomes challenging as the depth of indentation is increased and the deformation becomes non-linear. Data from experiments and simulations performed at the University of Liverpool are available.
  3. Aluminium I-beam with open holes cut in the web. A common structural element in the aircraft industry (e.g. in wing spars), as well as in marine and civil engineering applications. The I-beam is subjected to three-point bending. Data from experiments and simulations performed by the University of Patras are available.

The validation test protocol contains more information about the demonstrators and datasets.

Data sets